My continuation of documentation in the spirit of… the weakness of the body.

The last two weeks were banner weeks for wounds.

Above, scar from stitches recently received from a biopsy of a non-cancerous growth (at this time).

Below, a burn from a toaster oven between my index finger and thumb. And bruises from my insulin needle (only one side of my belly shown, yes there are several more on the other side).

I’m not including these photos to join in the kind of group that thrives on this sort of thing, as some kind of fetish. I’m merely continuing my documentation in the vein of thought that sprouted when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes less than two years ago.

One becomes more aware. Of many things.

Every Thursday



2 thoughts

    • I’m smiling and feeling emotional — if one can lend some sort of beauty to something painful and morbid, that is a good thing. Something good can come out of suffering and sorrow. Thanks Malina, your comments are so appreciated.

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