ABBANDONATA is an ongoing story about a woman whose companion goes on a trip and after years away, still has not returned, much like the famed separation of Penelope and Odysseus. This story will be presented in serial installments over time. ABBANDONATA will incorporate photographs, video, animation and writing to various degrees in a way that is complimentary and makes sense to logic of the story.

Two other categories are associated with ABBANDONATA in addition to that which holds the series itself:

ABBANDONATA: Fragments contains information that is pertinent to the general creation of this story, a kind of online workbook which reveals whatever inspires me as I move forward with the project.

ABBANDONATA: Details contains separate posts each describing the creation of specific segments, including technical details such as cameras, editing, music, writing, and artwork used.

ABBANDONATA is an evolving project which will not observe traditional boundaries or relationships between the media used for it. As always, I will approach this work solely with the intent to be true to my own vision, and use whatever it takes to communicate that in the best, and hopefully most engaging, way possible.




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