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Every Thursday is an accounting, for better or for worse. (and not necessarily on Thursdays)

9/2/13:  Back to my blog. Sometimes will be posting to Backspaces too, but the majority of my energy will remain focused on this site. Yay for concentration. Away with distraction.



2 thoughts

  1. I’ve been looking at this image for weeks now. And enjoying it so much I felt the need to say so. Its simplicity belies its complexity – for me at any rate. Each viewing, and in varying degrees, prompts a different emotion and interpretation. Great stuff Jennifer.

    • Thanks so much, as always, Ken! This is a very old image, from the beginning of my so-called digital photography career. It’s one of those “bouncing around in the car at night with camera” shots. I have tons of them, as I’ve been fascinated by this kind of night shooting since I discovered it. This particular one was shot with my first digital camera, one of the Nikon Coolpixes (sp?). I never really get tired of shooting in this manner… (initially I put a smiley face here but it looked so dorky that I’ll just SAY I’m smiling after this comment)

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