About – Her


Inspired by Odilon Redon.


French for the color green.

My name:     Jennifer Sharpe

A little more about me: born in Naples, Italy, but have spent most of my life in the U.S., particularly NYC, and most recently, my time has been accumulating in Los Angeles. Two members of my family are professional classical musicians (you’ll hear them play in my short films). The other is who I got my visual artistic gene from. It’s hard to escape one’s heritage, so I’m indulging it here.

And a few more, less important details:




Barnard College, Columbia University
B.A., Oriental Studies (East Asian concentration – China)
1989, magna cum laude

Art Education:

Largely self-taught, plus classes in: life drawing (Art Students League), painting and sculpture (Columbia University), basic jewelry making, repousse, etching, enameling, lost wax casting (92nd Street Y, Parsons School of Design, Art School of The Austin Museum of Art)

Representation: 3/25/2014: Joined the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art as a represented artist. An honor!

1850s me 2





8 thoughts

  1. Hey Jennifer…I was just checking out your website. Nice! I noticed that you went to Barnard/Columbia. You are the same age as my sister and she was at Columbia from 84-89. Maybe you knew her? Jaclyn Lieber. She is in LA now, too.



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