Initiation of In-Vert-

For things I really care about and want to share, I feel compelled to create blogs devoted to them. After going back and forth about how to handle the literally hundreds of photographers I follow and admire on the internet, I finally caved and created, much like Cinema Experimentalis for experimental filmmakers, a tumblr site…


On Tuesday of this week I decided not to add any more photos to the photo sharing websites I belong to (see the list of them here). Not to delete my accounts, not to stop following my peeps there and keeping up with their work (at my own pace), but just not to add anything…


This would describe how I’ve been feeling since yesterday pretty well. Every Thursday    


To go with the song from The Rolling Stones, “I Got The Blues.” Viewpoint – the woman who is being sung about. Every Thursday        

Off The Beaten Path

In my effort to keep up with what I’m interested, I seem to have to create “projects” to get past a cursory level of comprehension. I have a hard time with cursory, contrary to the way that many people use the internet. Too old school, I guess, but also an aspect of my personality. ┬áSo……