Odd Duck

Odd duck, odd duck, I know that’s what I am. Something about home. Something about private. Something about only a few who make me happy. The world is not really for me, is it? I don’t know, I don’t think so. Every Thursday    

Pictures At An Exhibition

No, not Mussorgsky’s work. The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art’s (LACDA), a yearly un-juried exhibit called Snap To Grid. ┬áThe picture I submitted above was posted with many others in one room of the gallery. I visited it the day after the opening. It was interesting to see the variety of work submitted, everything…


Today I tried Mosaicam. It’s fun. After a while my mood changed utterly. Glad I captured silliness while I could. I think I’m catching a cold. Ugh. Every Thursday    

Annual Post-Thanksgiving Malibu Excursion

Took our annual post-Thanksgiving visit to the beaches of Malibu yesterday. Unlike last year, it was quite warm and clear. I decided to use my Nikon Coolpix and shot right into the sun for the kick of it (this isn’t one of those pics, which by the way came out surprisingly well. Will share some…

‘Tis Time

Well, ’tis high time to plunge back into filmmaking. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it is my first love, and that it’s always what I must come home to. Every Thursday    


Reorganizing my site again for more clarity and focus. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Every Thursday    


In the last day I have looked at the work of two very good professional male photographers. In their online galleries, they included at least one series of women either in the buff, or wearing minimal clothing. Although I liked their work, these particular series left me bored. Why? Paying homage to the beauty of…

Pattern of Behavior

An intense headlong plunge, mouth open, gathering like a whale all the small pieces in my path. Then it’s necessary to sink into the darkest, quietest part of the ocean below, ignoring all the calls above in the lighter, active regions. Each has his own rhythm. Let my darkness keep, I will always come back…