When I knocked on your door, you never answered. I camped outside your¬†door. You never answered. Abbandonata    

One of those foot photos

  It took forever for me to see my doctor today, but I’m really glad that I did. Some really important things discussed, which belie¬†this cliche foot photo. I am ever grateful to my doctors. Every Thursday    

Latest Insight

  I take a lot of photos but only ever share a small portion of them online. I don’t like the serial photo approach, a gallery of one photo after another, though it makes for a beautiful display. Perhaps this is because I’ve been posting my work from the beginning in a blog format, where…

Without Power

Early Saturday morning we had the second power outage in a month. This time it was probably due to aging electrical wires. The power was restored after 23 hours. So, we went about our routines, my greatest concern being keeping my insulin supply cold. I started lace knitting again after lunch, discovered a mistake I…