Past All The Dithering

Since I didn’t go to art school, my education in visual creation has been largely self-taught and in between other things I have ended up doing in life. A lot of this exploration and self-study has resulted in realizing what it is that I do NOT want to do all the time. Since 2009, I’ve picked…


When I knocked on your door, you never answered. I camped outside your door. You never answered. Abbandonata    

One of those foot photos

  It took forever for me to see my doctor today, but I’m really glad that I did. Some really important things discussed, which belie this cliche foot photo. I am ever grateful to my doctors. Every Thursday    

Latest Insight

  I take a lot of photos but only ever share a small portion of them online. I don’t like the serial photo approach, a gallery of one photo after another, though it makes for a beautiful display. Perhaps this is because I’ve been posting my work from the beginning in a blog format, where…