ABBANDONATA is story about a woman whose companion goes on a trip, and after years away, still has not returned. It was inspired by the story of Penelope and Odysseus. I worked on Abbandonata from February 2013 through May 2015. Within this time period I created 10 video episodes, 45 “fragments,” details about the video episodes, and a short book, printed in a very small quantity with new material, related to the first video episode.

Some months after the 10th video episode, which was completed in January 2015, I decided that the 10th video episode had brought this experiment in storytelling to a close. Abbandonata was based on a short story I wrote on the subway while commuting to work, and it took off in its own direction over time via video, photos and writing. While it is not conventional story-telling, it has a thread which is unmistakably a story, however mysterious, ephemeral, and intuitive.

The next step for Abbandonata is to create a single movie out of the 10 video chapters, and a book of photos and writing out of the fragments. The first project will be initiated this year, the second, I am not sure about. Either way, my feeling now is that it needs to be wrapped up in its own distinct “shroud,” for lack of a better word, so that its story can be assembled according to its own logic, and be considered as a whole at last. I have my work cut out for me.

Some explanation about the additional pages below – in addition to the main video episode section, there are three other sections on this blog associated with ABBANDONATA:

ABBANDONATA: Fragments contains information that is pertinent to the general creation of this story, a kind of online workbook which revealed whatever inspired me as I moved forward with the project. There is also a Fragments Index which keeps track of these.

ABBANDONATA: Details contains posts describing the creation of specific video episodes, including technical details about cameras, editing, music, writing, and artwork used.

ABBANDONATA: Video Chronology is a page that lists all video episodes in one place, rather self-explanatory.