Little Wonder

Someone once commented on one of my videos that I tend to focus on the sky a lot, as if what is on the ground is too grim to contemplate.

This is an area near where I lived for a little while that might be considered part of an amorphous and expansive place known as Koreatown. This street is not far from Wilshire, where most of the taller buildings are. Like many streets in this part of town, it is devoid of leafy trees, though bushy ficuses might suddenly appear here and there when you’ve given up on anything green coming into view at all — those round shapes on the right far away are ficus trees. (In stark contrast to the shade-useless but ornamental palms of L.A., a full-grown ficus blocks out ALL light).

Lots of dirty concrete for miles, which rarely gets cleaned because it rarely rains in L.A., in comparison to other places I have lived in.

In short, a neighborhood where relief for the eyes is not easily found.

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