Oops! I Cut My Hair…

So when I was getting coffee during a break at work, I saw this person who looked like a young man with a sort of shag haircut. I did a few double-takes, garage band kid? Cute….

It turned out, that it was a young woman! Awwwesommme…

So what did I do about it?

Without warning, I took a sharp pair of scissors to my own hair. (For the second time in two months! obviously I have a fear of going to get my hair cut these days…)…

Then I put on skinny jeans with zippers, my ballet Campers, a black shirt, cuffs, a pendant with a black leather cord, black eyeliner, and of course, the required iPhone headphones, and went to work as usual as if nothing happened.

No one commented. HA HA! Thank God because I didn’t feel like being noticed. I just wanted to get through the work day and go drink some Margueritas to celebrate Friday.

I feel at one with a certain confident (in her own spontaneous recklessness) brand of older woman.

(P.S. my keywords for this entry are obviously tongue-in-cheek).

Every Thursday



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