Waiting room in a lab.

My body is a puzzle.

I’m trying to find out, with the help of intelligent medical professionals, what kind of puzzle it is.

I see myself more and more as a kind of robot who was put on this earth to serve, to help, to inspire, to love, to nurture, to bring joy, understanding, a sense of being there to allay some kind of nameless fear …. ……. ……

And I have to take care of my “robot” self to last a little longer, to do those things for people I care about, people I know, and don’t know yet.

In some way, to think like this takes the pressure off , and diminishes that terrible and imprisoning concept of “me.”

It’s weird, and… freeing.

I have a purpose.

I don’t have to think so much, worry so much, about “me.”

Even with all this physical pain, I feel light.

Every Thursday



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