Blurry Evening

Playing with the app BlurFX. Ok, need a little more practice, perhaps.

Today I think I had the worst hypo I ever had. I felt pretty clearly that I was on the path to losing consciousness. It was not good.

Before I put the kids to bed, I had to take care of the grim and necessary business of telling them (again) how to try and revive me if I ever fall unconscious due to a hypo.

Then I instructed them (again) how to make an emergency call to 911.

Then I explained to them how severe hypos can lead to death, and severe hypers can lead to a coma. The latter requires a paramedic no matter what, because my children would not be administering insulin to me in that specific state of whatever kind of consciousness it is – it wouldn’t do any good anyway.

“So a bad hyper is worse than a bad hypo?”

“Well no, a bad hypo would lead to death.”

“Can you come out of a coma?”

“Yes, sometimes. Other times, no.”

I never thought I would be having this kind of conversation with my young children at my current age of 45.

How differently you view life when you know that a condition you acquired out of the blue, and without any discernible reason, could end it suddenly, on any day.

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