P For Pinhole

P for Pinhole

About three years after getting my Diana F+ as a Christmas gift from my significant other, I am finally jumping into learning how to work it.

And I’m starting with pinhole photography. The aperture “P” setting, as shown above, is for pinhole.

Today I shot one role of medium format film, 400 ISO, Fuji color. Who the hell knows how it came out. Either way with practice, I’ll get the hang of it.

To do next — develop this film at home, using instant coffee and Vitamin C powder. Another first. And probably not as well done with color film, as I have read, as with black and white. But it’s what I had lying around, and it’s what’s going to be my first guinea pig.

Excited, excited, excited to be dipping into the analog world, even this little bit. Lots of possibilities on the horizon, in combination with things digital….

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