So, it’s that time. And no, I’m not afraid to do this “out loud.”

This year of 2012, I accomplished the following, artistically speaking:

  • started working with Lomokino
  • started shooting with my Diana F (pinhole)
  • have become a huge fan of iPhonography, can’t put the camera phone down (addictive!)
  • collaborated with one of my favorite contemporary experimental filmmakers — Rouzbeh Rashidi
  • started doing hand drawn animation with my Wacom Intuos tablet
  • continued making digital films, and combined some born digital footage with analog (Lomokino) footage
  • began writing flash fiction — the first time I have written anything fiction for many, many years

For the upcoming year of 2013, these are some important things on my to do list:

  • continue with all of the above — analog (Lomokino, Diana F), digital (film and photography), collaboration with other filmmakers, writers, musicians — artists!, hand drawn animation, writing (fiction and poetry)
  • PLUS learn to develop my own film using not too toxic alternative processing techniques: both stills, and whatever I shoot with my Lomokino
  • use a regular 35 mm film camera to shoot as well – explore using different kinds of lenses: I have fallen in love with Hipstamatic’s throwback tintype filter, very interested in seeing what I can do to get close to that with analog without actually buying a camera and film from 1884 or something…
  • continue to keep in touch with my art world peeps via non-social network means (I have been off FB and similar for about six months now, peace at last!) — an example of a site I REALLY like is iphoneart.com (IPA), and this because it is focused on artwork, photos are not “social,” and therefore the quality of what is posted there is astounding. (Well yes, I COULD post a very nice picture of my naked ass, but uh, the reasons I’d be posting it for would not be purely artistic, RIGHT? Well, let’s just say there can be many interpretations pinging back at you when you are female, even if you did MEAN for it to be purely artistic — the beauty of the female form, etc., etc. ‘Nuff said, I’m not in the market for that kind of attention, as theoretically “flattering” as it may be).

My aim, as always, is to be true to my own method of learning, in my own time.

Beautiful things will be made.

Every Thursday



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