What Caught My Eye

cottony blossoms_December Descanso

We went to the Descanso Gardens today.

I love going to gardens in the winter, to see what they look like when not in their most showy phase. When they seem to have a break from crowds, a chance to wear their ordinary clothes and breathe freely.

We saw some camellias (these have been blooming for the last month around Los Angeles). But the few other plants blooming did so quietly, gentle surprises among all the greens, browns, and greys.

Among these were groups of plants I spotted in the “California garden” area, an area definitely considered “dormant” by the typical garden enthusiast. But I was drawn to these plants immediately, they were slender and wild, with little cotton-like blooms that delighted me.

I probably took more pictures of these plants than any other of the few that I photographed. Even now, to look at these photos makes me happy.

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