I thought




by Joachim du Bellay

I do not write of love: I am no lover.
I do not write of beauty: I have no woman.
I do not write of gentleness but the human
rudeness I see. And my pleasures are all over,
so I do not try to write of pleasure, but only
misery. Favors? No, I am on my own.
I do not write of riches: I have none.
Or of life at court, when I'm far from it and lonely.

I do not write of health, for I'm often ill.
I cannot write of France from a Roman hill.
Or honor? I see so little of that about.
I cannot write of friendship but only pretence.
I will not write of virtue, here in its absence.
Or knowledge or faith, in ignorance and doubt.

Guillaume de Machaut: Dame, Je Sui Cilz, Fins Cuers Doulz, Fins Cuers Doulz; 
performed by Christopher Page: Gothic Voices, Machaut: Mirror Of Narcissus




4 thoughts on “Low

  1. Great poem. Check out some troubadour poetry from X century Provence (or around that). Some of it is very similar in spirit, for instance Guillaume I’s “Farai un vers de dreit nien” (I will make a poem of utterly nothing). I think you’ll might find a translation.

    Nice portrait too, what’s the technique?


    1. Yes, I will check out the poetry you mention, thank you for your suggestion!

      As for the portrait, the initial photo was taken with an iPhone (4), then put through two applications, ProCamera and the one that has the weirdest effects is called Decim8. I highly recommend Decim8, you never know what it’s going to do with your picture, the effects are very unique and unusual.


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