the book plan

A new post on Every Thursday! Ah… what is happening now with odilonvert? Well, Abbandonata is evolving. This fall/winter going to do a first and very limited edition of a book related to the project, inspired by the style of my Tumblr experiment Still In Utero. On this site will continue to do videos, with plans to eventually do movie chapters, and then we’ll see what that becomes.

I have been learning a lot, a lot, a lot. Did I mention, A LOT? I am still enamored with motion pictures, but with photos, I have decided I like them best accompanied by text, thus I have conceived of a way to make sense of them by relating them, group by group, to Abbandonata. This will be a nice challenge and a way to push a story forward, developing it all into whatever it would like to become.

So, stay tuned. By the end of 2013/early 2014, my focus will be indeed VERY focused. And in this way, I will make the most intense and fulfilling, as well as challenging and instructive, use of the little time I have to myself – the rest of it being devoted to my role as wife, mother, worker, family member, friend, and of course enthusiastic supporter of fellow artists, etc etc etc.

In the meanwhile, here is some other news (always being updated, and always just a little behind in that too…).

Every Thursday




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