Details: III. Forest Music

III. Forest Music

Camera: iPhone 4, Nikon Coolpix S8100, Canon Vixia HFS200 Editing: Final Cut Pro
Music: Public Domain (CC) – Maurice Ravel, Miroirs, 2. Ouiseaux tristes, performed by Felipe Sarro

Continuing on the short story I wrote this past summer, at this point the woman goes into the forest. I wanted to extend this feeling of traveling somewhere, but in the midst of that having a head heavy with thoughts, being in, as the old saying goes, a brown study. As the character of the story is by herself and growing increasingly aware that time is passing and nothing is changing, this state of mind would be easy to achieve. The poem I included by Amy Lowell echoes the inner thoughts of the woman – so attracted to the man who left her alone when he went on his trip to somewhere, and regretful of her current situation of uncertainty, which is beginning to feel unbearable. In the story, there are birds singing in the forest. The piece by Ravel fits this meditation perfectly, which is entitled Ouiseaux tristes, or, Sad Birds.

Technically, I found material again in former shorts to create this episode, altering them and putting them together in the way that worked best with the action and feeling of this part of my story.


III. Forest Music



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