stopping the madness

On Tuesday of this week I decided not to add any more photos to the photo sharing websites I belong to (see the list of them here). Not to delete my accounts, not to stop following my peeps there and keeping up with their work (at my own pace), but just not to add anything more to the collections I already have there.

This wasn’t a decision based on negativity about these sites, or sharing photos there in general. It was just a realization that in terms of sharing my own work on these sites, I had completed an experience. More importantly though, this decision reflected an effort on my part to concentrate my attention on my own vision in spaces I had already created (this site and my other WordPress blog Deliberate Distortion, my cyberspace projects on Tumblr, Backspaces, Lettrs, Soundcloud, etc), with a less fragmented attention span, and with energy that was not so diffused. This is important to me – to keep getting better at saying what I want to say in my own dedicated space(s), and to do that I need to be in a less frenzied state of mind.

So far, so good. The sense of relief I feel, the sudden ability to just BREATHE, confirms that I made the right decision. I think I explored that corner of the world as thoroughly as I intended to, and I took some valuable things from it.

Now, I need to do something with what I came back with.

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