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Hmmm. So the thing about doing stuff online is that you publicly experiment. You put up a site, change it, take it down, switch it around, get things to work (or not).

I guess I must really love Tumblr for its clean and simple style, so I created my fourth blog there recently. It’s actually a place for what was forming with my (now “unpublished”) Facebook site “Off The Beaten Path” (now called “Off The Beaten Path. Or, The Aim” on Tumblr instead). Yes, yes, I’m searching… what else is new…

So the purpose behind this latest expression – I’ve been reading Susan Sontag’s On Photography, and it is making me ask all kinds of questions about the camera, what we do with it (both photos and films), why we’re drawn to it, and what people such as Sontag thought and think about that. I’ve added Disqus (though still trying to figure out whether it’s working right) as an additional tool for dialogue, as Tumblr is more like Twitter (what IS it with all these “Ts”) and only really provides a short amount of comment space. I’ve also made this space primarily for artists who work with the camera to remark and have discussions, in addition to suggest subjects for discussion — we had this sort of thing going on iPhoneart.com (IPA) in some manner, till the site made a major change and became something else (a gallery/printmaking shop).

If nothing else, I suppose, this particular blog will be some place to store this sort of information, and that in and of itself, even if it fails as a discussion place, will be a good reference for me to consult when I’m feeling philosophical and/or at sea.

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