Without Power


Early Saturday morning we had the second power outage in a month. This time it was probably due to aging electrical wires. The power was restored after 23 hours.

So, we went about our routines, my greatest concern being keeping my insulin supply cold.

I started lace knitting again after lunch, discovered a mistake I couldn’t live with and ripped out a great deal of what I had previously done to repair it and build it back up. This is a normal thing with knitting, with lace knitting it’s walking on the edge. But I recalled that I did this again and again with a scarf that was a huge project, a couple of years ago. Patience is a virtue, as they say.

In the meantime, I used two of my digital devices – my Nikon Coolpix camera, and my old iPhone4 to take photos (saved the energy on my current phone just in case – and yes, time to get an external battery charger). Toward the end of the day I was getting very tired and bored and started to play with my macro lens on the 4. At one point it got knocked half off, and I started taking photos that way anyway.

I really liked the result. I am wondering whether there is a way to make homemade filters – both color and lenses – that will be able to attach to the tiny phone itself. Must look into DYI in that area a bit more. And think about eventually investing in a larger digital camera which has more space around the lens so I can do that too (advantage of digital being video included).

Happy accidents while bored.

Every Thursday





2 thoughts on “Without Power

  1. I really like this image Jennifer. I spent decades creating abstract paintings and the accidents/mistakes are what were, many times, the element that really ‘made’ the painting. I have a large box of old plastic cameras my father in-law bought at a local auction – non of them work and I haven’t got around to cannibalising them yet. A wonderful photographer Susan Burnstine, http://www.susanburnstine.com/index.htm, is a master at using old plastic cameras with which to create new homemade cameras that have strange and wonderful in-camera effects. The image above is quite wonderful in no small part due to its (for me) subversion of the ‘image’ and photography in general. :-)


    1. Oh wow Susan B’s website is awesomeness – thanks for sharing this, Ken, and your feedback – really, really appreciate it! I totally agree with what you said and I’m def going to have to explore even more the accidental in photography. Accidental and chance is my favorite! And ahem, yes, most of all perhaps, subversion… :D


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