Exploration of Individual Colors (Project)


Yesterday night I painted my daughter’s fingernails red. That is the color she wanted on her fingernails (light blue went on her toenails).

Recently, when looking at a work by the artist Karen Divine, who uses red in a very personal and specific way, I started a discussion about color in the Facebook artist group Your Parts and Process.

Somehow these two experiences connected in my mind this morning, and I’ve begun a photographic exploration of color on Deliberate Distortion, beginning with the color red, and a childhood memory of it.

(After all the self-created hoopla, btw, I decided to shelve the Dono, Donna photo project. Because I just have to get rid of stuff more quickly than I can photograph it! Isn’t that silly? Not sure where I am going to put those two photos I made… yet… Something productive will come of this concept, and them, later I am sure…)

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