Details: VI. Insistence


Camera: iPhone5c
Processing/editing: Cinamatic, Living Planet, Chromic, Videohance, Videon, PicPlayPost, KitCamera.

The unique feature about this segment is that is was done entirely on my iPhone – both filmed and edited. Since the first episode of Abbandonata, I’ve been including and mixing up footage shot and edited on my iPhone, along with footage shot with my Nikon Coolpix, and my Canon Vixia, in various ways and in various episodes. I prefer to edit on my iMac, but once in a while as in this case, I was satisfied with what I edited on my phone and didn’t feel the need to do anything further with it. I’m still, ever slowly, going to add hand drawn animation and scanned film shot with my Lomokino to the mix in the future. I like to have a lot of options and put them together in ways I couldn’t conceive of except while in the process of making them. This is the beauty of being able to make things in a digital environment – with one language, you can put together things filmed with various devices, digital and analog, to make a unified whole.

For the story line, this segment was very psychological and also very abstract. I like to think of Abbandonata as a project that addresses the needs in the story line specifically with each segment – an occurrence in the physical world, an emotional state, a dream, a thought, all of it mixed up depending on what needs attention at that moment. Each segment is part of the larger story, but where they are tied together is not necessarily obvious. So when you are reading a novel over episodes revealed in a serial publication, over time, each publication is its own thing physically.

Insistence is about an obsessive thought, and pressure from it. I heard a phrase from a piece of music I was listening to and recorded it at that moment, then repeated it in each of the 4 videos that play inside the frames of the fisheye view, all at once, then dropping off one by one from left to right, and top to bottom. Obsession is exhausting. There is something going on in the back of the woman in the story’s mind, but she’s not sure whether it’s just her own thoughts, or some kind of intuition that she needs to understand.


VI. Insistence

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