Actually this post is not about a door.

Though the owner opened this door right when I was going to photograph its beautiful haziness.

Still working to get back to an ever more interior focus. Still thinking about social media and where my borders lie with it. Somehow it’s hard for me to deal with and this is probably at the core of it – it’s not really my space. Not only in the sense that I didn’t grow up with this stuff, but also, because it’s a space owned by someone else, which, like in this bar, you congregate in but – you do not control how it looks, how you are seated, what you say is overheard, what you are served is what they have. Sites that host social media are not unlike restaurants, or any space you did not build but meet other people in, friends or strangers. Yet, in addition to your credit card, they have much more personal information about you and… like the credit card information, it’s logged. It’s on a record.

On Facebook, you are also a captive audience for other vendors (and apparently even behavioral studies!), and even if you choose to use something like FB Purity where all ads disappear, there are… people you know. Telling you they got this. They did that. Perhaps on a once in a while basis, where you meet for an hour or two or sometimes more, then don’t see one another for a while, this is tolerable. But, if you choose to come into that meeting space daily, more than once a day, you are a subject to a torrent of this information, none of which, expressed in this setting, is anything life-altering. If you are an artist, the normal thing to do is to experience what your colleagues are doing, once in a while. You go to a show, you see a movie, you read a work, you watch a play, etc etc etc. But in the social media sharing world, it’s like getting junk mail every single day, wads of it. The sheer amount of it, at least for me, makes me want to throw it all away. It’s just too much, all at once. Numbing.

I know a lot of people, mostly who use a camera, in that world. What would make sense for me? To visit their site, take in their work without their being aware that I am there at that moment, and let them know I was there by commenting on the work, saying hello, encouraging, bonding. Are these sites like this? No.

I don’t know, maybe many people don’t really make a big deal about any of this. But for me, investing time means just that – I don’t take things half-assed, and I don’t do them that way either. If you ask me a question, I will answer it as if you really asked for an answer.

I do miss the joking and banter that goes on, this is true. But I can tolerate less of it because I can’t tolerate more of the rest.

Every Thursday

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