ABBANDONATA: Video Chronology

Abbandonata X_Dissociationstill

Since reaching my tenth episode of Abbandonata this January, 2015, I thought it might be a good idea to begin a chronology of video episodes, to keep track of where this project is going for the next batch of upcoming episodes.

  1. I. This Is A Note In A Tender Sequence  2/2013
  2. II. Where Are You  3/2013
  3. III. Forest Music  5/2013
  4. IV. Semper Fidelis  10/2013
  5. V. Past 2 a.m.  3/2014
  6. VI. Insistence  5/2014
  7. VII. Vision  6/2014
  8. VIII. Kidnapped  9/2014
  9. IX. Maze  12/2014
  10. X. Dissociation  1/2015



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