Motion Experiment, Low Light

I don’t do slide shows often. Generally I find them cheesy, but for the purpose acting like a flip book, they work ok.

For this situation, I had gotten a new filter (Hipstamatic) and I was testing it at night (often a testing time), when I realized that I could do something like long exposure, without really “doing” long exposure. In other words, I got that ghosty drift, moving my hand, moving my head, moving them at the same time, by pressing the shutter button randomly and often, using low light, and moving my body, in this case head and hands, quickly.

I love finding these little things out.

P.S. Not crazy about how WP displays movies (which is why for my “real” movies I use vimeo and embed a link here instead) – so to minimize the effect of the play bar, as it doesn’t go away when the slideshow starts playing, go to full screen mode (the two arrows at the end of the play bar).

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