The Scene


Oh dear, this post somehow got deleted. It was about visiting the Paris Photo exhibit this past weekend. Hmmm. Ok. Reiteration. Not as exciting overall as two years ago. Still found some gems. My favorite was Axel Hütte’s photos from Venice printed on glass, and mounted on polished stainless steel, this is one which I saw there. They were done during a residency which Hütte participated in. I didn’t see anything like this in the exhibit. These photos were all shot in a contemporary style, with very old subjects. The stainless steel and glass gave them a 3D feeling, ghostly, as if creating a living bridge between past and present. Not something I get when looking at a regular print. Quite extraordinary in vision and execution.

The other technique successfully employed were C-prints, or chromogenic prints. Great technique. Particularly lovely was a large, square photo of a surfer on a wave by LeRoy Grannis. Of course I had to go read about this process afterward. Back then it was film, but now it can be done digitally. Apparently it was, like many chemicals used without much thought back in the day, very poisonous and a continues to be an environmental pollutant as a result of improper disposal. Hopefully people know better now, so they can make beautiful prints without contamination issues.

I think it’s a good idea for me to attend this show yearly, when I can. In particular, to see what people are doing now, and become more familiar with the vast amount of ways that photographs can be taken and created post shooting. However, I’ll try not to go in the evening when the place is a scene, instead I’ll go the way I went the first time, on a weekday, close to opening time. Not into scenes.

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