More Cleaning Out Of Cobwebs


I’m still cleaning house, in every aspect of my life working little by little to get things in order, and move onward. Today I left Tumblr, ending my project Still In Utero there, as well as Cinema Experimentalis and -In-Vert, and one other blog I never really got to grow. Still in Utero was a great experiment in ongoing narration, but it was a project I started as an experiment, and that way of operating is now fully learned and can be incorporated into something else, something more solid. The curation projects I simply lost interest in. I also got rid of a couple of groups I was hosting on Vimeo, as well as a channel. Got rid of everything on Backspaces too, which as a site, for all intents and purposes is dead. Doesn’t matter anyway, all of that served its time. Many things I’ve done on the internet have been experiments, and as I mentioned in my previous post I can’t deal with stagnation, or keeping things on life support. Eventually I pull the plug if they don’t really serve any ongoing and fulfilling purpose. And besides, I’m moving on to more substantial and deeper work, to have all these other projects that are past their due date pulling me down doesn’t help me go forward at the pace that I want to.

Who knows, one day this whole site may be a thing of the past? … I wouldn’t put it past me.

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