Hello 48.

And have you reconciled your pasts and presents?

Yes. I have.

Peace then to you.

And on this day

after successive years of increasing unhappiness

when what was before made no sense in the present

where fragmented and lost I thought myself

accumulating inches of dust

a useless, antiquated thing

fit only to be put into a dark closet

Oh that living death I grew attached to

twined ever so blackly and stubbornly around me;


This Day

I feel that even if it were the last

what I have struggled through

the decent, solid things that I built

those things in my life that are real, warm, true

that which I fought to keep steady after years where tough test after tough test shook me to the core:

This Day.


Every Thursday

8 thoughts on “Hello

  1. I absolutely love everything about this entry Jennifer… 👍🏻

    The iMage is outstanding in its composition, delivery and sheer notice ability, it is just brilliant! 😘

    And the accompanying prose is, likewise, excellent in content and passion, with a surprising twist at the end, great work sweetie! Hugs and 😘

    Rog… 🐍


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