Playing With Hipstamatic 302 (cautiously)


Alright “lightening up” a bit on my posts. Hipstamatic, an app that has been a mainstay for my iPhone for a long while, recently did a massive update that added options to the app that changed it considerably. For the better, I’d say, eventually – right now, 2 updates after 300, I am using it cautiously as it still crashes from time to time, and I really don’t like their folders coinciding with my camera roll folders. But, as far as I’m able to use it so far, on 302 as of this weekend, I’m pleased that I have most of the original feel of the app back – plus, and very importantly, some more ratios to shoot with.

The image above was 16 x 9, a favorite kind of long, rectangular shape I like. Particularly as it is cinematic, that is post the earlier traditional, more square ratio. (My other favorite long, skinny ratio is 645 Pro’s 6 x 17 ratio). The above is a still from All The President’s Men, as we watched it last night. The film and lens combination spotlighted only the brightest points in the room. The still is from the scene when Jane Alexander is being pushed for information by Dustin Hoffman.

Glad to be able to use Hipstamatic again.

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4 thoughts on “Playing With Hipstamatic 302 (cautiously)

  1. Thanks for that mini-review. I just click the update button and never read what’s been updated. I haven’t used that app for a while but now I’ll dust it off and try it out again.


    1. Yeah it’s better than it’s been since they did the big change, but a warning that it does still crash inexplicably from time to time and it does take up some real estate on your device – be sure to clear the cache regularly (an option under Hipstamatic settings). Hopefully each future version will improve on the problems that remain. Other than that, it has great possibilities.

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    1. Thank you, dear Ashley! I love this kind of spotlighting. Still playing with this app, and a few others. Must get some bit of gallery in gear here soon… in the meanwhile many of my experiments have been posted on my current internet flame, Instagram – @shypassenger. Good interactions there, inspiring and to the point, and not limited to instruments (digital or film) either. So far, great place for me to get my photographic doodles out too.


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