Rituals: Parry, Thrust

Second in my Rituals series, this video incorporates some interesting footage. Most dear to me is the spectacularly aggressive and skillful young female fencer who was featured in a fencing tournament in Iowa City. The ending of this video includes her shout of excitement at winning a point against the other skillful fencer, a much taller young man in eye-catching striped socks who defeated each of his previous opponents by virtue of his ability to be calm under pressure, parrying many attempts of his opponent’s thrusts and often because of his height, simply reaching down and stabbing from above. Needless to say, the scrappy young woman won the tournament.

The Hitchcock footage was very short and specific. Most of it is hidden by the activity layered over it. The ending fit perfectly with the theme of this work. Even now that short scene is disturbing, particularly as the “swimmer” is coming to shore (this part ended up being obscured, as mentioned).

The music for this video pulled my ideas together, which were difficult to discern or decide on for some months now.



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