STEPS completed as video with three scenarios

STEPS has been completed as a video with three separate scenarios, One and Two, with the third and last following.

This movie is the longest film I have made since Letters. It is also the first attempt I’ve made since that time to create a tangible, continuous narrative from one short film to the next. After working on series for a while, I felt it was time again to attempt to link shorter films together into one film.

Physically, Steps is literally one short built over the next, each prior short is an old civilization upon which a new one is created. I didn’t know that I was going to attempt to create a longer, inclusive Steps film until the end of the second short. With horror you have to create a crescendo, and the last part has to be a decent payoff, so the pressure I felt after Steps: Two was related to not just the challenge of making a lengthier, more complex film, but particularly to effectively deliver on my promise making a horror film.

So I continue on my indirect path, relationships between elements within each short and the next exist and are complex, and this film is still very much a personal adventure in telling a story. In the future I am going to keep exploring this route and use my series experience to build new stories of about half an hour’s length. And then we’ll see where to go after that gets well learned.

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