At 50 With Hummingbird Eyes and Dramatic Pose

Earlier in the year, I went to the ER and was in observation as a cardiac patient for 2 days and one night. I had the most amazing and advanced testing done. I was happy to find out that the chest pain I am experiencing isn’t leading to a heart attack. That my circulation is good. This is a relief, because it’s a danger that increases around this traditional transition as a woman, and as a Type 1 diabetic.

Still, I am on new medicine to help me get through these periods when they happen, sometimes so strong that I can’t focus on anything. I have medication from my cardiologist which varies to deal with milder pain, to consistent and “can’t focus” pain. The latter medication makes me sleepy and helps a lot, but puts me out of commission for a day.

People with my chronic condition (Type 1 diabetes) age faster than those without. Even now I can tell that there’s a big difference in my energy level from 40 to 50. I really have to rest sometimes. I can’t do a million things at once in any given day without it affecting me in a negative way. My aim is to get as much rest as I can, and deal with as little stress as possible. More and more that’s about a very simple life, without a myriad of overlapping tasks and a myriad of social obligations.

I am very happy I have my little family. My home and my people are an oasis. I hope to keep myself on an even keel and survive in good health as long as I can.

And that’s it for today.

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