Twins Video Series Progress – “Origins” Begun

Excited that I’m FINALLY starting the Origins episode of my latest series, Twins. Origins serves as an introduction, the setting, the opening scene, the problem the Twins face with their family, and with the expectations their society in general has for women. In short, this episode begins with hard decisions, and starts the path toward the consequences that they will bring.

It is a weird challenge to take an ongoing story you started some time ago with non-moving artwork, and use it within and as the basis for a video series. How do I flesh out a story based on these works, each accompanied by a phrase or two telling a story? Once the image for the episode is inserted, where do I go with it so that the video leads to the next image? Unlike images without text, there is an outline in these, a skeleton, created by me, but not necessarily with the idea at the time of making a video from them. Oh well, yeah, that’s what I get for being bored with myself. A new puzzle of my own making. !

In my exploration of the Horror genre, I’m really looking for a very human experience to be a foundation underneath all the fantastical elements. For that, I’m having to reach into sorrow and loss, shock, hopelessness… you know all that fun stuff. It’s not easy. But creating the visuals lead me to where I need to go, suggest routes to those feelings in an active and clear way, and not in a way that I could have discovered solely through thought. The process of playing with images, sequences, later adding sound, all of these act as seeing tools. I may not articulate much verbally, but it’s where things go without words that I’m really pursuing.

As much of a toll as it takes to actually create this kind of work, it’s great fun and satisfaction to be able to say you’ve dared to go there, and come back to tell about it.

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