More About Twins (video series) – Process

One of the strangest things about my existence as an artist online has been dedication to experimenting “in real time.” In other words, as opposed to working in a studio which few ever step into, I try new things and approaches, think out loud, and communicate with those who follow me in a studio which is basically virtual and global. All members of my natal family are teachers as well as professionals in what they do. Therefore, to share and discuss what I am doing, as I do it, feels like a natural thing to do.

Also, as I’ve mentioned in the past elsewhere, I am at my best when I am creating through improvisation. Improvisation requires a willingness to experiment without a net. Some things work, some things don’t, and all of that informs your work for the future but — you always want the risk and the challenge to be out there as part of the work, even your notions might land on concrete. Really, there’s a kind of performance in this, and you carry on, in front of everyone, even though it’s not going to be a home run every time. Because you find the risk rewarding, and never boring.

With the video series of Twins, I am creating and elaborating on a parallel story told in photo collage series, “still” artwork. I am also incorporating the notion of a series “theme,” like the kind you see on TV series, at the beginning of each episode. Can this be done for “art video?” Why not? This is my first go at this experiment, and if I like it I will refine it further in another series in the future.

Since the “still” version of Twins was created/is being created with something I had been playing with in the past, my face in various disguises, the “stills” which are from that series open each video episode. Does this mean everything is all about me 24/7/365? NO. It’s an experiment in a new way of telling a story, with something I was already playing with, where I was using my face because it’s there, and I can do whatever I want to it. And as a matter of convenience, and nothing deeper (it’s really not fun to be using your face for horror, it’s actually kind of voodoo-y), I’m using these pieces as building blocks. You don’t make armatures out of gold. Especially someone else’s.

I’ve always appreciated the “backstory” behind things, the etymology of words, the notes. It’s with this appreciation and interest that I’m revealing the structure and creative motive behind Twins. All those who want to see the bones that hold up the body will hopefully enjoy the deeper process explanation, and be able to take something from that as well if they find it useful for their own work. For me, the best meals are those which satisfy even where you didn’t know you were hungry.

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