Twins Parts I. – IV. put together in sequence (one film)

From this point forward, will be making episode “blocks.” The story is becoming increasingly both complex to create and to follow by making and sharing episodes separately months apart, particularly since there are many more parts to go (and the story isn’t even completed yet!). A new kind of adventure for me, much closer to writing the equivalent of a novel, with parts and chapters.

2 thoughts on “Twins Parts I. – IV. put together in sequence (one film)

  1. Jennifer, thank you very much for inviting me to your cinema, enjoyed the movie, the story al lot.

    First a bit irritated by the big amaount of colurs, but in the end loved it, waiting for the next parts ..

    Did you know the austrian, german translation of dandelion is “löwenzahn”, means a tooth of a lion, strange isnt it

    greetings Wilfried Egger, weopenspacevienna


    1. Thank you for watching, Wilfred, very glad you got beyond that color explosions to enjoy the story! Tooth of a lion makes great sense for this character <3


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