As I’m going through the incredibly huge amount of photos that I’ve posted on my @shypassenger account on Instagram over the last almost 5 years, I’m reviewing all the experimentation I’ve done during that time. I’m creating some little books for myself to have a tangible reminder of that. It’s a huge project. But inspiring. I returned to Instagram at the end of this week with some more play. The photo above is a multiple exposure in low light, slow shutter speed, which I took while watching the series Devs.

I’m keeping myself off Facebook for a few more weeks, as I tend to get exhausted and riled there. But so much of my art community is there and makes announcements there, so I unfortunately can’t be away for too long or I miss too much. The larger world is dependent, for better or for worse, on these virtual communities. The trick for me as always is to be judicial about how I spend time there, and most importantly, how much I communicate there. I think I need more time to be silent than not. I have to be aware of my tendency to overwhelm myself in my desire to move on to a new phase of my life, where I have more control over my own time. I’m not there yet. Deep breath.

Other than that, working on recovering data lost from an external hard drive, another chore but it has to be done. Playing with Polaroids. The following is a color test made through conversion of digital images through the Polaroid Lab system. Two of the images are Polaroid versions of some stills from my Twins series. Speaking of which, I’m ALMOST where I need to be mentally to continue with the video series.

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