These Are Actually Yellow

So much to say …

But saying anything that doesn’t contribute, enhance and justify all the anger everywhere at all times right now is the equivalent of risking getting hurt while trying to break up a fight. If social media wasn’t already a “righteous” “battleground” where people regularly feel free to spew at total strangers in the safety of their own homes, well these times certainly haven’t diminished that. Disease, poverty, crime, rage. From the frying pan into the fire.

Some people feed off of this – they learned to from what happened in their own lives. They never experienced any peace. So they take that personal void and cause conflict wherever they go. They’re angry with everyone and everything. And they think that makes them bigger. The cat puffing up to intimidate another.

I cannot withstand that sort of ire and strife for long. Nor can I deal with the crap that people say when angry. Generalizations fly. Prejudices are revealed. Blindness and hypocrisy are revealed. Chips on shoulders are revealed. But during a fight people stick to their guns, there is no reasoning and there is no peace. Some people actually enjoy fighting, for the sake of it.

If you want to resolve conflict you talk, you don’t shout. You listen. You try to find common ground. You don’t get off on rage. You work toward peace. But that is not the ethos of social media. And someone who is looking to bridge a divide does not find it welcome as a result. Basically, yikes.

So I’m keeping away. Problems require actual solutions, not talk. And consistent, reliable practice. It’s not a one-off. While everything goes berserk these days, I am wondering whether those solutions are going to be real and lasting, or whether all this public demonstration of feeling is going to fade away as another “remember when?…” thing. That’s when it counts. When everyone gets down and talks, makes solid and reliable changes, FOLLOWS THROUGH.

Until then, all of this stuff will be only a memory.

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