Only a few months left of this year.

I know I have changed.

I’ve left something behind that I can’t bear to see resurface, in any environment or any person.

Some of this transformation has been abrupt. Unplanned.

Some has been deliberate, following what I continue to feel I need in order to grow.

I have not led a wild life. I am usually focused on trying to achieve an agreement of peace in an environment of differences.

But after all these years of keeping the peace, I have lost patience. I have paid my dues very well doing what is expected of a “good” (compliant) woman.

I sacrificed a lot to not make waves.

And from now on, I refuse to shut up. I refuse to demur to avoid rocking the boat – the patriarchy boat. I refuse to stand by and see the crap which was imposed upon me, be imposed upon others.

And I will keep evolving to be who I am, with no apologies, and no backward glances at the straight jacket I thought I had to wear for so many years.

I will be 53 at the end of September. And I’m over the oppression game.

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