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After a little more than 10 years of fevered and fervent exploration in the digital/internet “wilderness” of photos and video, I’ve decided definitively that video is my route, and where I’m going to focus my energy. Moving pictures allow me to embrace so many other fields, in addition to the visual, in one place. And they are experiences rather than objects, which for some reason make me feel liberated.

This epiphany and decision came in the last week, almost 6 months into being home-bound as a result of the pandemic. All the activities that seemed to be developing, which I was somewhat skeptically holding my breath for, just evaporated, or mutated into something the equivalent of suspended animation, or worse, barely disguised “gravely ill.” What happens when everything suddenly gets quiet?

Honestly it has been about 2 years since I started to feel like I needed to stop spreading myself so thin and make a decision so I could do deeper work. There is only so much time available with all my non-artistic responsibilities in play. And this many years later, I’m ready to pick a favorite child, so to speak.

My aim is to keep following my path, with blinders and headphones on, to tune out all the noise of the world. All the scrambling for a dubious status, all the pessimism about this art form (non-narrative, off the beaten path work), all the gatekeeping, all the free-loading. All the stuff that is besides the point.


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