The Space Which Was Not a Mistake

I am the space

which was not

a mistake.

That extra space.

The one the old men

said was not



The one

the old women said

should quiet down

be modest …


when it was time

to “catch a man.”

I catch no one.

I hunt no one.

I don’t want to be prey.

I don’t want to be


other than

my own


grammatically wrong

ignorant of hunting



2 thoughts on “The Space Which Was Not a Mistake

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    this is Wilfried #egger.lienz from #weopenspace Vienna

    just want to send you a big hug and an even bigger thanks for your work in arts and media and introducing, inviting me to #agitate21c

    the contact with this group gave me opportunity to organize a full week of experimental films in Vienna – 2 Festivals in an row, 3 different locations and collaborators, ended last weekend .. we had a really good time with preparing and joining both shows:

    14-16 SEP 2020 – FRAGMENTS OF LIFE – curated by Matt Helme and Pasquale Palladino

    17-19 SEP 2020 – TIME IS LOVE Screening #12 [Show 4] .. curated by Kisito Assagni

    thanks .. wish you and your family and all friends very good times, health and happyness – YOU open space .. Wilfried Egger Lienz

    WE OPEN SPACE VIENNA – KULTURNETZWERK – Arnsteingasse 30, A-1150 Wien, Austria

    gallery, stage, bar, clubconcerts, film, spoken word poetry, factory, co-working , funeral service, food, celebration, ..

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