Christopher D’Arcangelo

Non-existent that I know of in the world of non-narrative (“experimental”) film – write and tell me if I’m wrong;

From “Tell Them I Said No,” Martin Herbert, 2016:

“… On January 31, 1975, at the Whitney Museum, midway through the biennial, he chained his wrists to the front door at the end of the Marcel Breuer building’s short drawbridge, causing museum visitors to pile up and bottleneck on the bridge and behind the doors. He was shirtless in thirty-degree heat, and stenciled on his back was the legend that would become an accompanying credo for all his interventions: WHEN I STATE THAT I AM AN ANARCHIST, I MUST ALSO STATE THAT I AM NOT AN ANARCHIST, TO BE IN KEEPING WITH THE (_ _ _ _) IDEA OF ANARCHISM/LONG LIVE ANARCHISM. (The final four words were… printed upside down.) When D’Arcangelo went to work, security was flummoxed. After fifteen to twenty minutes, there was a response on the institution’s part: first a maintenance man arrived with a pair of three-foot-long wire clippers, which D’Arcangelo said would not cut the case-hardened padlock and chain; then, half an hour later, a folding screen was positioned between D’Arcangelo and the crowd, literally screening off the unsanctioned ‘artwork.’ Behind it, the artist pulled out his own key, unchained himself, and walked away.”

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