Afterward I felt deflated.

All my life I was summoned to fit into a pre-made box.

Duty and service.

Want to be liked? Then fit this.

You need to do this for me, this is what I need.

I need. I need. I need.

You are here to satisfy a need. You don’t have a need. You are not a person. You exist to fulfill my need.

You are a road to my goal. Lie down so I can walk on you. Not like that – flat. Remember, you are not a person.

Guess what? You can be a conduit to my goal. My goal is golden. Experiencing my goal will be good for you to experience. Especially because you’ll never have a goal.

Through your essence of being a pipe, I will flow to areas of me. Areas which I may or may not reveal to you.

If you have any imagination, you may think about what they are like, but remember I am under no obligation to disclose anything about them to you. It doesn’t matter anyway, because you don’t have feelings. I know that.

You will follow my rules for where you will lie as a road, conduit or pipe, how you will lie, and I will tell you what you can and cannot say about it. You can try to talk but that is no guarantee that I will let you get away with it.

If you don’t listen to my instructions, then I will find a better model which behaves better for my money. Even better – better and for even less money.

And then, you know, see you around.

And, even though things like you are a dime a dozen, someone else could use you as their road.

Their “conduit.” (haha)

Their empty

eternally dutiful



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