Options in Circular Frames

House that always looks like this. 11/29/21

Yesterday I was intensely focused on putting my neighborhood shots into a circular frame, then editing them to fit what I was feeling about them. I always seem to be taking these walks almost just before it gets truly dark, while the last light in the sky is almost gone. The fading day seems to work with a peephole view, like trying hard to see something important with so little light.

Having strong moments of inspiration, particularly when unrelated to a specific source, has been challenging with so little time by myself since the pandemic retreat. I wondered whether I was just hopelessly tangled up – but no, the inspiration is still there, it’s just that my mind needs to be able to wander without pressure or distraction. That’s ever the challenge, but I’m happy to confirm that the tangle of “everything else” hasn’t throttled my inspiration to death.

I’ve been through this before. I know to have faith and patience that I’m still who I remember myself to be, no matter the challenge.

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