Pinker and Pinker

I have never been super fond of pink, but in my 54 year old body, I’ve found that dark colors are no longer my friend, as they have been since I was senior in high school years ago.

Along with lighter makeup, I’ve been buying things like these handmade pink rose earrings, and handmade pink rose cloth choker (female creators on Etsy, yes!).

My Italian cousins used to call my style “romantic” – that was before I went dark.

Once in a while maybe I can pull off the eccentric witchy woman, but reluctantly, inevitably, I am sinking into the blur of soft femininity.

Maybe it’s just time. I was born female, after all, and I can’t pretend that I’m otherwise, as much as I’ve strived for neutrality or “GTF Away From Me!!!” while I was young.

At least the potential of being coveted gets more and more muted over time, and that means, perhaps, that I can be feminine with less fear of sexual harassment.

That would be a first.

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