Still, Yet…

Out for the count today. On the lookout for heart issues…

Received data retrieved off a hard drive which died in January 2020. Aiming to PRINT all the memories this time around.

Thinking of maybe doing a book of all the cut flowers I’ve shot over the years indoors. Perhaps extreme close-ups, including macro shots like the ones above. Abstracted, sometimes impossible to identify “portraits.” An interior life. We’ll see.

It’s quite amazing how isolated my life has become over the past almost 2 years at home. Sometimes I worry that I’ve lost my interest even more in life “outside,” that the hassle of my physical illness has been compounded by an ever more dominating trait of timidity, fear. Or is this what growing older also entails, physical limitations make many things no longer worth the effort, a retreat into a quiet self?…

What do an artist’s life and goals morph into in this case? A reluctant exhibitor before, now I’m even more willing to just do my own thing in the shadows of my private space, just sharing online with those I choose. I have less and less energy for the public world, and seem to be quite fine reserving what energy I do have for what happens away from that burning, noisy spotlight. It takes all kinds, right? At any rate, the work is what is important. TikTok, for example, is not my game.

On to more rest…

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