Success and Failure

Slowly moving forward with what kind of hand drawn animation I want to do (closest thing to spontaneous drawing irl!), and how I want to incorporate it into my particular style of work.

Still working with Procreate, and exploring different efficiencies within it (e.g. groups, masks). Thinking about movement and looking at a lot of animation to see what people do.

But, this is very much a process of elimination (like with so many things in my life). Most things I read seem to assume that animation = drawing people and other recognizable things, telling traditional narrative stories, or something much more abstract in a design-y way. My aims with this technique don’t fit any of this.

I definitely do not want to use some of the most common techniques I see – fast, morphing transitions, morphing everything, exaggerated motions, fast everything. Hectic. Obvious. Been done.

But I do love the way some animators whose work I’ve seen take thoughts into a visual territory and convey them in a hybrid way so beautifully.

Saul Steinberg’s way of communicating remains an “in the back of my mind” inspiration to me.

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