Over The Weekend

At the end of this month I will have been off Facebook for one year, and no longer posting on Instagram for five months. In addition, not having found a suitable substitute for either since extremely few in my crowd want to deal with new platforms (I think most people I know have social media fatigue), I’ve pretty much just stopped sharing anything in social spaces.

The three photos above are from a walk in my neighborhood last weekend. As is the case since March 2020, the geographical area of my daily life is very limited. Strangely, as much as I obsessively photographed my rides to and from work on public transportation for years, it seems that even within the current limits of my travels, I have the need to document my surroundings, no matter how repetitive in subject matter.

Clearly photography has become a habit. Even as I work to reincorporate methods of expression into my life which don’t require a machine.

But mostly what I am thinking about here is the need to live in the now, no matter how mundane. Because I don’t have much time to myself. And for my own sanity, I can’t wait for such a “perfect” situation to happen to make things.

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