Directly above: Exercise I did today in pencil, drawing counter-less letters and numbers in the book “Create Your Own Hand-Drawn Type” by Lee Sutley (2016)

In conjunction with my studies of the Polish School of Posters, I’ve been reading about typography. As I’ve needed to do some hand drawn lettering for the hand drawn animation I’ve done in the past, I wanted to become more informed about this field, specifically in how it relates to combining it with images.

It’s not the first time I’ve played with the combination of images and typography, but it is the first time I’ve endeavored to get better at lettering by hand. As a left-handed person, my experience with having to learn cursive in Catholic school was pretty awful (anyone who went to Catholic school when clergy was still involved with teaching, especially nuns, will relate, and have a mental box full of horror stories that would be characterized as child abuse in this gentle day and age). Being left-handed in general was like having bright purple hair in a class full of normal hair colors. At any rate, the point is overcoming a deep seated lack of confidence in the idea that my hand writing could ever be considered any good at all, that it will always be a fatal flaw in my character, indicative of a physical freak of nature.

Believe me – I’m definitely not trying to do calligraphy nor anything close to such a disciplined, rigid practice, but rather to develop a typography of my own that is legible and original for hand drawn animation. There are ways to translate this to an actual e-font so that I don’t have to add this as an additional drawing time burden in my video work.

And as usual, I am moving toward somewhat reinventing the wheel, even as I have so little time to myself. But the path is the path, however long and arduous the journey. At this point, I have to take the time to learn what I need to, and not produce mindlessly while continuing to retrace with minuscule variations what I’ve already done. If all this labor is for myself, I refuse to be bored and uninspired while doing it. Production will have to take a back seat to allowing new growth to sprout at its own natural, non-machine, non-capitalist noise pace.

The “World” moves too fast and too unnaturally for me anyway. This left-hander will never fit in.

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