Evolving Again

Last I changed the design of this website, I was in a very different headspace. I was experimenting daily with street photography, exhibiting video and photography in LA, winning some recognition in competitions, showing in local and international festivals, and contributing writing to some art sites. By invitation, I was starting to get a little into the larger world.

Both getting older and being isolated from that stepping out phase since March 2020, when the pandemic changed everything, has refocused me. I disconnected from sharing my work on social media. I haven’t sought out new representation, nor thrown my chance in with other exhibition venues like festivals and competitions. I’ve decided after trying out these normal artistic paths, and this reflects a long standing trend with me, that I just don’t do well in any of the usual routes. I have this stubborn streak that insists on its own way, and refuses to be beholden to anyone artistically. Perhaps too, I am super sensitive to influences, and need total disconnection to focus without any pressure at all. Perhaps I am just meant to find my way in joyous obscurity.

In light of these self revelations, I will be restructuring this site away from the portfolio mode and toward something new and unique, suited to my own idiosyncratic vision. During that time period, I will be putting up a “closed for renovations” sign – so stay tuned for new approaches that are coming.

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