Barriers for Bananas

Hard to describe the years of confusion and emotional turmoil it has taken me to get to the clear and decisive place I’m in now. Mostly, it’s been flailing while blindfolded, while ever on the very edge of chaos. Suffice to say, to have a reliable method away from that state of mind is something I can hardly believe I’ve found.

I think, even with my skeptical inclinations, that to understand once and for all that we can’t ever fully escape societal patterns of behavior is difficult to accept unless you’ve put in your time on this planet. I’ve always been a hopeful person, refusing to believe that for some people, their determination to stick to their vision even when it is harming themselves and others could be so incredibly strong. I always thought that there was some little hole in that armor that would enable a path to beneficial change. Maybe there is. But how that opening is found and the person’s mind changed is anyone’s guess. It’s most certainly not my job to be everyone’s Light.

Thus, Barriers for Bananas. This Banana will not multiply to Bananas. I can offer a path, I can offer the truth, but I will not push anyone toward either. To make decisions is a part of being an adult, and to lie in the bed you make with them is too. For myself, I simply am not the kind to prevent people from falling and learning for themselves, because dignity results from these experiences, and that is an important quality to have as a mature creature. We are together yes, but each of us is also here to learn their own lessons, to get their very own sea legs.

Why this little sermon today? Because there is a movement afoot in the country to make behavioral corrections in the workplace. And in a sense, an effort to rid society of dysfunction. Has this been attempted via different vehicles in the past? Why yes, when religious institutions held more power in modern western culture. What is happening now has strong echoes of moral instruction, but is couched in the equally rather semi-obscure, pseudo-academic and trendy language of American corporate culture.

Do I think these corrections are going to work? Perhaps, reluctantly, if only to limit some of the expensive lawsuits brought on by the powerless when the words of mission statements don’t match actions carried out in reality, and those words are there to disguise the oldest power play games in the world. The thing however to keep in mind, is that the power play games will NOT EVER go away, no matter what the powerful decide to actively support to correct selfishness, greed, cruelty, and psychopathy in the workplace. Let’s be clear then – everyone is incredibly human, and in that, incredibly flawed, incredibly weak, and incredibly lazy. And, the group will always have their special time in the overall lifespan of the company for crushing those sad little nails who dare to stick their odd little heads out of the wooden, preferably uniformly smooth corporate power structures.

What is the role of those odd little nails then? To speak up, yes, because in the odd chance that things can indeed change, even if for a little while, it will have been worth the danger, if only to reduce suffering for the quiet and the hopeless, the most powerless, and the most fearful. But to convince oneself that the attempt to change for the better is definitely going to WORK is foolish, if one is entirely unaware of how strong the determination of the powerful is to live their lives without concern for harming others.

Look at what the nature of this world is – change. Change for the better, change for the worse. Nothing ever stays the same way, and in accepting that all you can do is offer an idea, in realizing your own powerlessness in the face of endless uncertainty, then … the ability to move away from unrealistic goals, and rid yourself of an unnecessary emotional burden, finally materializes. In other words, that exit door leads to freedom.

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